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The information posted on the site, including the results of research, forecasts, estimates regarding financial instruments, about the essence, characteristics of a financial instrument (combination of financial instruments), changes in its (their) value, results of technical and (or) fundamental analysis is not an individual investment recommendation, and the financial instruments or operations mentioned in it may not correspond to your investment profile and investment goals (expectations). It is only your task to determine whether a financial instrument or transaction matches your interests, investment goals, investment horizon and the level of acceptable risk.

UWIM Blockchain is not responsible for possible losses in case of transactions or investment in financial instruments mentioned in the information and does not recommend using this information as the only source of information when making an investment decision. The information cannot be considered as guarantees or promises in the future returns on investment, risk levels, costs, or break-even investments. The result of the past investment does not determine future income.

Analytical materials, reviews, news articles of UWIM Blockchain are internal documents of the company and are also used for informing customers. They are not advertising. The information has been compiled on the basis of public sources that have been found to be reliable. However, UWIM is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. Investing in cryptocurrency implies a significantly high risk, and investment decisions must be made independently by the investor.